Steps to Collecting

Collections Lawyer
  1. Review file. Call debtor. Calendar file.
  2. Prepare demand letter; Send letter; Calendar file
  3. Call debtor. Calendar file.
  4. Prepare final demand letter. Calendar file.
  5. Final call to debtor.
  6. Consider if suit should be filed:

Evaluate collectability of Debtor.

Evaluate claim and potential defenses.

Evaluate proofs: witnesses, documents, admissions, etc.

  1. Prepare Summons, Complaint, affidavit, etc.
  2. File suit.
  3. Obtain service.
  4. If Defendant files Answer, skip to step ___ below.
  5. Calendar file for entry of default.
  6. Prepare default and default judgment if no Answer filed.
  7. Obtain entry of default and default judgment if no Answer filed.
  8. Calendar file for exercise of remedies.
  9. Further research as to Defendant’s assets.
  10. Prepare Writ of Garnishment, Subpoena on Discovery, or Request and Order to Seize.
  11. Calendar file for review.
  12. Etc.
  13. See also:

See also:

Aggressively collecting debts: