Choosing a family law attorney 

Divorce Attorney

Knowing who to choose as your family law attorney can be difficult.  Michigan has an abundance of attorneys and some need the business and advertise their specialized knowledge in divorce.   One local attorney “specializes” in representation and defense of all areas of family law, plus criminal defense, civil litigation including personal injury, wrongful death, civil rights, police misconduct, Bankruptcy, estate planning, business law and civil, criminal, tax and bankruptcy appeals.  There isn’t much law that he doesn’t  claim to specialize  in.   What criteria should you use to choose a lawyer?

  1. Meet with the attorney and if you feel uncomfortable, choose another attorney.  There are many who want your business.  Don’t settle for someone when there are lots of choices.
  2. Does the attorney have a sane and sober demeanor?  You need someone who will encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior.  Divorce and custody disputes can be emotional without an attorney adding fuel to your emotions.  Adding fuel to the fire may initially make you feel good, but the final result may be expensive, both emotionally and monetarily. Don’t hire an attorney who says: “Let’s you and him/her fight and I will bill you monthly.”
  3. Look for someone who has a combination of being experienced, reasonable and aggressive.  Raymond Pater has over 30 years of experience.
  4. Is family law one of the firm’s 100 specialties?  If so, you may decide to look elsewhere.  Raymond Pater focuses his practice on family law and collections.
  5. Does the attorney have a high peer review rating with a nationally known rating agency?    Raymond Pater has earned the Martindale Hubbell rating of “BV©  Distinguished” with Very High Ratings in both Legal Ability and Ethical Standards.

Contact Raymond Pater at 616-396-8883 or at if you need legal representation in a divorce, custody, parenting time, child support or spousal support dispute.

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