Bedside Manner; True confessions

Divorce Attorney

When I first practiced law, it was as if I had no clients.  Law school had equipped me with the technical aspects of being a lawyer – to deal with legal issues and attempt to resolve them – and I fervently employed these skills to each case I was given.  However, I gave little regard to the very real people whose cases I was taking on.  Like a doctor who, with good intentions, becomes obsessed with treating a tumor and forgets about the patient fighting cancer, I had become obsessed with the legal issues and neglected to work on my bedside manner.

This cold and analytic beginning as a lawyer is  not something I am proud of.  Too slowly and too sporadically, I began  to recognize the special place that attorneys occupy.  A person comes and seeks legal advice. But that person may have unique  and unspoken concerns and worries that also need to be unearthed, considered and addressed.

Recently a client left the following review:  “Ray, let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your professional advice and personal support to me during this ordeal. I recall meeting with you a few years back to prepare our wills, you again displayed the people side of building trust first and then moving into the legal arena.  As a Change Management/Leadership Consultant having worked with companies both stateside and abroad, I realized that success is due to building relationships through trust first. That is, the ability to listen, understand and provide direction….you are the best.  Thanks again,  Dale.”

I would never have received such a review ten years ago.  I am glad that I received it, but wish I had deserved it earlier.  If you retain me as your attorney, I hope to earn your trust and this same level of appreciation.